Dear colleague,
It is a great honour to present the 5th Spanish Input-Output Conference that will take place at the University of Seville under the auspices of the Hispanic-American Input-Output Society (SHAIO) and the Andalusian Academy of Regional Science. This Conference aims to be a follow-up of the input-output analysis dissemination activities that were initiated in 2005 during the 1st Spanish Input-Output Conference in Oviedo, followed by others organized in Saragossa (2007), Albacete (2009) and Madrid (2011).
In this conference, the title New Challenges in a Changing and Global Economy intends to reflect the new requirements of both theoretical and empirical analyses, coming from the current economic context where change, uncertainty and globalization are key elements in the interpretation of socioeconomic reality.
These series of conferences are open to the international scientific community (official languages are both English and Spanish) and all related fields of study, particularly: methodological aspects of input-output analysis, construction and updates of input-output tables, social accounting matrices, applied general equilibrium models, analysis of physical and monetary flows, environmental and ecological economics, international trade and trade in value added, regional and sectorial analysis, structural change, among others.
Moreover, this will be the first time where the SHAIO and the International School of Input-Output Analysis (ISIOA) of the IIOA will organize two training sessions on Applied General Equilibrium Models and Practical issues for the estimation of a regional Input-Output
From the Local Committee, we truly hope these series of conferences become into the place where input-output practitioners exchange their ideas about Input-Output Economics, and therefore, they will be taken as a reference for the study of New Challenges in a Changing and Global Economy.

 Seville, 2013